Working towards a greater global harmony by orchestrating from current and future culture to help entities align, expand, and evolve in these times.

Well crafted advisory and playbooks, covering the mission, core and community culture, operations, growth, and evolution of an entity, initiative, or endeavor.

Creative augments that support the growth and flourishing of an entity, including kindred alignments, acceleration plays, and unique blueprints for short and long term goals.

Affirm good flow within core relations, and bring forth key collaborations and collective actions that bridge-build, widen amplification, and surge momentum. 

Transform towards operating and co-operating ahead of the wave within the tides of our shifting collective conscious and culture. Includes pivots and mergers.

Purpose, passion, and pursuit in the new paradigm.

AEr current

Fully tailored evolutionary advisory, “play books”, programs, campaigns, initiatives, and connections help entities innovate, expand, and communicate across mediums and dimensions of our rapidly transforming global society.

We welcome all-scale companies, brands, organizations, funds, foundations, and institutions, as well as private families and individuals.



Whether diving into micro operational points or the macro inter-workings of the global frameworks of modern society, we focus on symbiotic and cooperative intersections that co-create forward. By work with an array of perspectives and variable sets, we find common factors to collectively build upon.


Culture vibrates at a different frequency than the mediums and industries that desire to steer it. We work with current elements, the energy of what’s coming, and the engineering of social waves that make moves for the greater good.


Talent and solutions come from all walks of life. We curate teams per project from a vast global network of brilliance to ensure divergent approaches and varied lenses of expertise from visionary perspectives, managed by our directors.

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